Advisory Committee

Premier Farm Credit has a Stockholder Advisory Committee that meets semi-annually and provides opinions on issues pertinent to Farm Credit’s role in providing agricultural credit and service to stockholders. We believe it is important to receive regular, on-going feedback from our stockholders on what our Association is doing or should be doing to meet the changing needs of agricultural producers.

The stockholders on the Stockholder Advisory Committee participate for a term of two years.


Advisory Committee

Jeremy Blach

Eckley, Colorado

Ron Blach

Yuma, Colorado

Tyson Brown

Yuma, Colorado

Doug Dill

Fort Morgan, Colorado

Maret Felzien

Sterling, Colorado

Lori Gapter

Snyder, Colorado

Erika Groves

Weldona, Colorado

Bob Mari

Merino, Colorado

Paul Schmidt

Fleming, Colorado

Jacob Wagers

Woodrow, Colorado

Harry Thompson

Snyder, Colorado